This forklift simulator is basically 'Shenmue' VR

Shenmue's forklift truck sequence was effectively my first job. I was 15 when Sega's open-world adventure came out, and truly captivated by the game. After two discs of mystery, adventure and capsule toys, I can still remember dropping disc three into my Dreamcast, full of anticipation. Infamously, the third and final disc of Shenmue involves the protagonist, Ryo, getting a job at the docks as a forklift truck driver. After the first day of moving crates around, I expected we'd soon be uncovering information about the gang Ryo was tracking down. Instead... I went back to work the next day. And the next. And the next. Moving crates was just part of life now. The story does unfold along the way, and you're eventually treated to perhaps the game's best fight sequence.

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