This Wireless Drive Puts Your Files in a Tiny, Private Cloud

It charges phones, it streams movies, it works like a Wi-Fi router, and it holds terabytes of files. About as big and as thick as a stack of three CD jewel cases, the My Passport Wireless Pro comes in 2TB ($200) or 3TB ($230) models. When physically jacked into a computer, the Wireless Pro acts like any other external hard drive. But you can also connect to it over Wi-Fi and access your files wirelessly. Once you power it on, the drive shows up to other devices as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Two hotspots, actually: It’s a dual-band router, so it appears in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz varieties. Connect to it with your laptop, launch a browser, and visit the easily memorized IP address ( That’ll bring up a dashboard of the drive’s battery life, remaining capacity, and settings. You can still access the web and all of your services while connected to the Wireless Pro; you’re just routing all of your traffic through the drive.

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