The new Apple Watch mostly looks like the old one

It's the performance and feature improvements that count the most. There are two ways to let the world know you have the next-gen Apple Watch, the Series 2, and not the original, which came out last year. You could buy the new Nike-branded one, but well, that probably won't go with your work outfit. Or you could take it for a swim: The new version is fully waterproof up to 50 meters, whereas the original was merely splashproof. Otherwise, the new version looks a lot like the old one, complete with the same two screen sizes and support for the same wristbands. The screen is brighter, sure, and the watch is also now offered in a durable white ceramic that doesn't look quite like the aluminum and stainless-steel versions that came before it. With these few exceptions, though, it's the performance that makes this a different watch.

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