The New View-Master Deluxe VR Is the Best Cheap VR Headset Available

If you're looking to dabble in VR using the smartphone you've already paid for, instead of spending over a $1000 on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive setup , Google Cardboard is a great affordable alternative. But why spend $20 on some folded cardboard when for $40 you can get Mattel's upgraded View-Master VR that's more comfortable, more secure, and is compatible with a wider range of devices. Early last year Mattel revealed that it was working with Google to revive and update the classic View-Master toy, turning it into a kid-proof alternative to Google Cardboard for enjoying virtual reality content on a smartphone. The new hardware did away with the View-Master discs, but you were still able to click through your own private world using VR apps and online content.

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