Smartphone-Enabled Kitchen Gear Can (Probably?) Make You a Better Chef

The connected kitchen idea is a start, and the latest thing on the menu for the food hardware industry is something called guided cooking. The idea of the smart or connected home, that is linking appliances to the Internet in order to make life better or easier by, say, allowing you to make sure your garage door is shut even if you’re at the office, or keeps your plants watered, is a good first step. The latest thing on the menu in the connected home kitchen is something called ‘guided cooking.’ No, Gordon Ramsay doesn’t come to your house and yell at you. Guided cooking is where a heat source and a pot (or a sensor in the pot) communicate with each other through an app that walks you through a recipe and keeps everything at the right temperature as you cook your way to dinner. It’s no Jetsons food robot, but it’s got legs.

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