NASA to broadcast upcoming spacewalk and SpaceX 'Dragon' departure

you have even a passing interest in NASA, you should know about two upcoming events set to air in the coming days. First, NASA will cover the departure of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft from the International Space Station on August 26. The Dragon spacecraft arrived at the station on July 20 to deliver 5,000 pounds of supplies, experiments and equipment. Part of the payload were the parts necessary to create an additional docking port for future missions. On July 20, you can watch NASA TV’s coverage of the dragon departure beginning at 5:45 am EDT. The craft will detach from the ISS, move a safe distance and then fire its engines at approximately 10:56 am before making the descent back to earth. Splashdown is expected at about 11:47 am — 326 miles west of Baja California, Mexico.

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