Leica's limited edition M-P Titanium camera looks cool, will probably cost as much as a car

Leica’s cameras are well-known for their iconic design, stellar image quality, and, shall we say, "premium" pricing. But for wealthy camera connoisseurs looking for some extra style, Leica from time to time releases limited editions of its products, including an annual titanium version of a camera out of its lineup that the company has released for the last five years. This year’s titanium offering is the Leica M-P, the upgraded version of the Leica M camera with 2GB of buffer memory, a sapphire crystal LCD cover, and a 24MP full frame CMOS sensor. The M-P Titanium shares the same hardware as the standard M-P, aside from the solid titanium construction that Leica claims reduces the weight of the camera by around three ounces (as well as giving the camera a rather nice-looking two-tone color scheme).

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