Here's a beautiful solar powered cover for an e-reader you'll never own

You've probably never heard of French e-reader maker Bookeen, but their latest product is well worth knowing about: a solar-powered cover for the company's Cybook Ocean e-reader. Its black-and-white design is beautiful (like a medieval woodcut of a leaf),and adding solar power to an e-reader just makes sense. After all, if e-readers have one major disadvantage compared to physical books, it's that physical books don't run out of battery. A solar-powered cover offers a neat fix to this problem, although we have a feeling the concept may be better than the reality. Bookeen says the device needs an hour of sunlight to charge the 8-inch Cybook Ocean for just 30 minutes, which is hardly a convenient rate. The company also has the nerve to suggest that 30 minutes is enough for a day's reading. As if.) But while there have been similar solar-powered covers for other e-readers, they don't look half as nice. Bookeen's leaf design really is lovely.

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