Gadget Thirst Trap: a pillow that plays music, a portable projector, and an alien egg-shaped speaker

Gadget Thirst Trap rounds up the weirdest gadgets of the week that made us thirsty for more. Be sure to follow The Verge (verge) on Snapchat for the video edition. It’s a pillow. It’s a speaker. It’s a pillow speaker. I have so many questions about the Kushion, but mainly, I’m in awe at its marketing materials. Its creators describe it as "bold, fearless, and powerful" in addition to a lot of other adjectives. They also make sure to clarify that it’s not "pretentious, fanatical, or nerdy." A website for Kushion is launching next week, so we’ll get more pricing details then. But for now, dream of the possibilities of having your pillow be your speaker. Kushion T...

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