DxO One iPhone camera gets Wi-Fi control, a waterproof case and more

For all the advances in smartphone photography, you still don’t really have a DSLR-quality camera in your pocket when you’re carrying one (not yet anyway). DxO’s One, a tiny little box with a lens, a relatively large image sensor for its compact size and a Lightning connector changed all that last year, and now it’s getting a suite of accessories to bump up the value. The new line of DxO accessories includes an outdoor shell, which makes the camera water- and weatherproof while you’re out riding your bike, or at up to 45 meters depth (just shy of 150 feet) ; a stand, which is equally portable but provides more stability and which works with a new software feature, Wi-Fi remote control; and an optical adapter, which lets you screw new 30.5mm diameter filters over your DxO One’s lens, so you can use things like polarizers or ND filters.

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