Twenty years ago, car sales were driven by something pretty silly and unusual. The Coffee cup holder. Cars with the holders were much more popular than the ones without. Today, we see that trend with a smart-car. Cars with Artificial Intelligence (autonomously driven cars too) are the hot topic, scoring more sales than regular cars. I predict that the future of cars will be driven by drones. Imagine a drone flying over your car, giving you a view of what’s around you. That’s where I think we’re moving, and that’s what AlphaVein is about. Alphavein visualizes the future of car steering. The dashboard has a drone/robot docked in it. The drone flies out of the dock, through the skylight and above the moving car. The drone can then survey road and traffic conditions, ensuring that the car reaches smoothly from point A to point B. The future ditches the steering wheel, with the drone expertly navigating your automobile for you. Its design vaguely resembles a penguin, which works for me, because I find penguins cute!

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