DJI's new Osmo+ camera adds a zoom lens

DJI's Osmo is already one of the better action camera / stabilizer (or gimbal) combos out there, but a new model is already on its way. Less than a year after the Osmo was released, DJI is introducing the Osmo+, a $649 camera and gimbal combo that improves on the original in one obvious but significant way: zoom. The Osmo+ camera (known as the Zenmuse X3) is outfitted with a 3.5x zoom lens and pairs that with a lossless 2x digital zoom for an effective focal length range of 22mm to 77mm. That digital zoom is only loseless when you're shooting at 1080p resolution, however -- because the camera is capable of shooting 4K footage, it can crop it down to 1080p to magnify the action. So you'll need to choose between super high resolution footage and the ability to zoom as much as you want, depending on your needs.

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