Anglr is Fitbit for fishing

As an avid non-fisher it’s hard for me to quite grasp the depths of depravity associated with a fishing trip. Waking up at 4am? Swinging a pole at some water? Drinking beers all morning in a hot boat? Catching and eating a squirming live thing? Not for me. The folks at Anglr want to change my mind. Their product, the Anglr Tracker, is an activity tracker for fishing. You attach it to your rod and it senses your casts, catches, and position. Found a good place to grab a few elusive slime eels? Anglr will send you back to that spot. Were the stink bass biting at Old Man Johnson’s Manure Sinkhole? Anglr will remind you exactly when to head over and start pulling those pitiable creatures out of the water.

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