Amazfit is trying to make wearables fashionable, but I don't think it's working

Share on Facebook Tweet Share (3) Pin (1) Most silicon band wearables are the antithesis of fashion. I don’t think there's anything aesthetically pleasing about wearing a thick, brightly colored band of rubber around your wrist, so I can appreciate companies that want to improve this norm in display-less wearable style. Amazfit is one of those companies. It's ceramic wearable, which was modeled after Chinese jade pendants, is meant to be fashionable. It’s got a natural vibe, too. The wearable comes in two wristband styles called Moonbeam and Equator. Very zen. The Amazfit tracks steps, sleep, and calories through its companion iOS / Android app. The device will also vibrate with calls. It doesn’t have a display. Is the Amazfit fashionable? I’m not so sure.

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