3Doodler targets architects and designers with a new professional 3D printing pen

Desktop 3D printers have long had a tough road to legitimacy. For as long as the space has existed, critics have questioned their purpose beyond the creation of simple, plastic ephemera. It’s been a tough charge to escape, particularly for those running in the thousands of dollars; as such, it’s probably no surprise that the market has seen, to put it mildly, a cooling off. WobbleWorks has gotten it as bad as anyone, with its line of 3D printing pens — though the startup has never really positioned itself as anything more than a toy company. At present, it sells two main products, both priced at less than $100, illustrated by color projects and designs created by all-ages audiences. Its most recent offering, the $49 Start, is fully embraced with kid-friendly safety features and pricing.

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