Springfield Watch

A Classic Field Watch with a Swiss movement and American Soul. The Springfield is a fitting companion for all of life's journeys. A fitting companion outdoors or in the office.

By Smith & Bradley

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Varun Aggarwal - Co-founder Curatigo

The Springfield is Smith & Bradley's answer to the classic American field watch that has donned the wrists of men for almost 100 years. Inspired by the same watch US infantry was issued standard during World War II, the Springfield is a tribute to the heroes of the greatest generation. Named after the Illinois state capital where Smith & Bradley started, the Springfield is hand built applying standards from the golden age of American watchmaking. The circa 20th century traditional military markings and technical specifications have made the original field watches highly coveted collector timepieces. The founders of Smith & Bradley built the Springfield with the objective of enabling men to comfortably purchase a world-class timepiece that has a story to tell. We did not sacrifice function or quality in order to deliver the Springfield at an entry level price point. Whether you are a hardcore aficionado or simply need a dress to impress everyday watch, the Springfield's signature styling and versatility make it a must have statement timepiece.

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