Moon Dust Steel Mood Silver Auto Watch

Hand-painted grey mineral structure dial containing Moon Dust

By RJ Watches

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Romain Jerome launches out into space in homage to the most fascinating human adventure of all: the conquest of space. The Moon Dust-DNA collection embodies this incredible odyssey and features its main protagonists. The design of the Moon Dust-DNA collection is inspired by and incorporates the DNA heritage of the great players and major figures in the conquest of space. The materials composing the models in this collection incorporate authentic fragments from the aerospace universe such as Moon Dust as well as fragments of the Apollo XI spacecraft and the International Space Station (ISS). Meanwhile, the accounts of astronauts who have been privileged to see it at close range testify to an entirely different reality. The Moon stripped of its abstract beauty and its smooth luminosity imposes its huge, spherical presence. Viewed from that close, the Moon is a grim, ravaged world composed of sombre shades of grey, oceans of dust and ashes, along with craggy cliffs and craters of lava that cooled down three billion years ago. When bathed in the light of the sun, its austere stone-grey appearance is replaced by a softly rosy chestnut brown tinge. While only some may remember its exact colours, everyone can call to mind this light that is so strangely mysterious to the human gaze.

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