IWC Da Vinci Laureus Automatic Watch

It displays recorded hours and minutes in an analogue display in a single subdial

By IWC Schaffhausen

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The Da Vinci Chronograph with the IWC-manufactured 89361 calibre marks the beginning of a new age in time measurement. It displays recorded hours and minutes in an analogue display in a single subdial. This means the stop time can be read off as easily as the time of day. calendar/chronograph movement, IWC heralded the arrival of a new age in mechanics. Then, in 2007, the Da Vinci Chronograph, featuring an IWC-manufactured movement from the 89000-calibre family in an innovative tonneau-shaped case with a glass back cover, marked the advent of another new and exciting future. As in the past, it records seconds with the large central chronograph hand but displays longer periods of time in an easily legible form, with two analogue hands, on a single subdial. Stopped hours and minutes can be read off immediately and unmistakably as if on a second time display. They no longer need to be viewed in separate counters and added together. This innovation, which is based on an extremely sophisticated movement design, has substantially increased the chronograph’s practical benefits.

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